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Hand Made Hay Manger - super safe!

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Product Highlights:

  • Great to put hay in so your small pet can easily feed on their hay
  • The perfect handmade hay manger for rabbits
  • Handcrafted from wood
  • Free of chemicals, screws

We recommend this product for:

Our hanging hay manger is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.


Looking for a hay manger to help feed your hay to your rabbits? Look no further! We hand-crafted these wooden hay managers with your bun in mind! Our Toy Elf has created hay mangers with NO glues, No screws, NO nails. Just safe wood, and safe rope.  These are just the most small-animal friendly mangers in existence! These are great for helping cut down the mess when feeding hay.

Materials: Hardwood Plywood-Birch veneer with kiln dried Aspen or Pine Core

2 sizes:

Small:  works for mini-lops, mini-Rexes, and other rabbits under about 6 pounds.  Guinea pigs are hay monsters so really should go with larger size.  7" wide x 11 7/8" long

Large: works great for guinea pigs and buns over 6 lbs. 11" wide x 14" long

Remember: you want your animal to EAT a nice compact pile of hay about the same size as their body EVERY DAY.

P.S.: these mangers work very well over a litter box.

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