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Gourmet Hay

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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • We've loaded up several kinds of hay with sweet smelling herbs and flowers to make it an absolutely irresistible treat (as well as great varied nutrition).  If a famous chef made a hay mix, this would be it.  Julia Childs would have asked us for the recipe.

    We have close relationships with the farmers in Washington State (where we started, and the home of one of our two warehouses).  We personally choose what hay we like by going to fields, seeing and smelling and touching the crops.  Then we hand pack every box that goes out, so we see it all again.  Our eyes are on everything that comes to you, from the field to your door, so we can get you not only the best hay, but the most consistent hay.  This keeps your friend's digestive system happy, and you know what to expect from us.  

    Ingredients include: second cut timothy, third cut timothy, alfalfa, orchard hay, lavender, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, rose petals, plantain, bay leaf, dandelion leaf, chamomile, oat tops, lemon verbena, and a pine cone on top for good measure!  (We may even toss in some freeze dried berries, based on availability!)

    15 oz in weight

    Envelope dimensions:  12"x16"x6"



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