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Hop In Litter Box

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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

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Top entry litter boxes are an incredibly useful solution for cats that stand to pee, like to pee up against a high back (like, say, a wall behind their regular low-sided box!), or get a kick out of scattering litter.

And...if you've got dogs too, the raised sides on this box keep litter out of reach and prevent dogs from snurfling around, or even, um, snacking.  We know, ewwwwwww.  But dogs often have a different opinion.

Perforated, slightly sloping lid with anti-slip texture can easily be removed for cleaning.

Litter on paws falls through the small holes when leaving the Hop In.

Everything stays tidily in the box!

Dimensions: 22.75" long x 15" wide x 15.5" tall
Opening 9.5" x 9"


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