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Rabbit 4 Toy Sampler

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  • All-Natural
  • Helps Maintain Tooth Growth
  • Encourages Foraging Behavior
  • Save Money Buying Bundles!

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Our Rabbit 4 Toy Sampler is perfect for… you guessed it… rabbits!


Toy samplers are back! This time, species-specific. Our Rabbit 4 Toy Sampler is great for bunnies who need a little extra stimulation. One natural pine cone, four oat fidget sticks, one honeysuckle vine ring, and one loofah roll are included in this toy bundle.

Natural Pinecone: Pinecones are an absolute favorite chew for rabbits in nature. And now your bun can have the very same thing! Terrific for teeth, and with a texture that’s enjoyed instinctually, how can you go wrong? Our pinecones have no varnishes or lacquers and no harsh residue from chemical cleaning. Just cones… right out of the forest. 

Oat Fidget Sticks:Sometimes we all need to fiddle with something. We play solitaire on our phone… small animals chew. Oat fidget sticks are a nice little edible for your rabbits so they can spend some time doing small animal things. Like chewing. Our oat fidget sticks provide some nice fiber along the way… total bonus.

Honeysuckle Vine Ring:This toy for rabbits is truly irresistible. Honeysuckle is an absolute favorite thing for most little animals, too. It just doesn’t get any better. Our honeysuckle vine rings are totally pesticide-free and made by hand. We source these toys from a US farm where EVERYTHING is safe and organic. Never worry about toxins or residues. 

Loofah Roll:Loofah is nature’s answer to dental floss: it gives your rabbit a new and interesting texture to chew and works to keep those chompers in tip-top shape. 

Your bunny will thank you for adding this toy bundle to their rabbit stash. Really, they will.


  • Natural Pine Cone
  • Oat Fidget Sticks
  • Honeysuckle Vine Ring
  • Loofah Roll 

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Storage and Expiration Info:

Store rabbit toys in a dry place.

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