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Try the new food. You’ll like it. (Rabbit shakes head).

scared-bunnyRabbits aren’t big on adventure, and it can be hard to get them to try new food.

They are particularly cautious about what they eat, and since anything they swallow has to go through he whole system and come out the other end (food only goes one way through a rabbit, even if it is upsetting their tummies), we can’t blame them one bit. 

This means any new food or snack or supplement should be introduced patiently. 

Give them a tablespoon per day. The first few days they may not touch new things at all. Avoid putting their new snacks or supplements on top of greens, pellets, or mixing in to hay at first – we don’t want them to stop eating the things they already trust because this new stuff is all over it. Make a fuss about the new stuff, tell them how good it is. Give the experience a catchword or phrase, and repeat that each time.  “Let’s have something yummy!”  Do a little snack dance. They’ll get the idea, and work up their confidence, and soon they’ll try it. 

Then there will be no looking back. They will run up to you when they hear the magic noise of the bag, and look forward to their new snack with great anticipation.  You know how insistent they can be.  More.  Now.  Right here.  

Hint: once your rabbits have fallen in love with a low-sugar, healthy treat, consider upping the stakes. Use that new snack to encourage foraging activity – hide some around their play area so they can find it.   How about some clicker training?  We’ll be talking about that soon!

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