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Red Door Animal Shelter gets free hay from Small Pet Select

As part of our Rabbit Name contest last month, participants also voted on their favorite shelter.  The big winner was Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago, so we sent them 200 lbs of our timothy hay.  We love to help out where we can, especially if we can help out rescues and shelters who do so very much for animals in need.  So we were pretty excited to see pictures and hear the stories of some of the rabbits at Red Door!

Red Door Animal Shelter gets free hay

O'Leary with 200 lbs of fresh timothy hay donated by Small Pet Select

O'Leary is a young Californian was in the front office at Red Door to receive the hay!  Thanks for being on top of things, O'Leary (I love a bad pun).  He inspected the boxes throughly, nose twitching, and give the shipment FOUR PAWS UP.  He did need help signing for the boxes, and thinks those little signature devices the drivers carry ought to be more paw friendly.

Red Door animal shelter rescued Malarky

Malarky was the first taste tester.  You can see he has a discriminating palate.

Malarky is a shelter favorite.  He was found wandering the streets of Chicago, covered in urine.  Malarky has been a lover since the minute he arrived at Red Door, even though he was starving and sick with intestinal parasites.  His affectionate ways have totally won over the staff and volunteers.  Great name too, eh?  

Red Door Animal Shelter helped Molly Jones with donated hay

Molly Jones was pretty picky about her background.  She insisted on the glamour shot, with a color coordinated background that would show off her highlights.

Molly Jones is a baby bun who was rescued outside.  A young man found her, and just knew that a rabbit who looked like Molly didn't belong outdoors, so he scooped her up and drove around to various shelters to find her a safe haven.  Eventually he was sent along to Red Door, the only rabbit shelter in Chicago.  When Molly arrived, she was very thin, dehydrated, and had horrible urine scaled on her underside.  Take a look at that beautiful bun above, and now take a look at her when she arrived:

Easter rabbit abandoned outside

Molly Jones when she was first brought in to Red Door.

Red Door tracks how many rabbits they rescue from abandonment outdoors after Easter.  Molly was the 29th this year.  An Easter rabbit, no longer wanted, and tossed outside to fend for herself.  If ever we needed evidence of a house rabbit's inability to be a wild rabbit, here it is.  And Molly was lucky - she ended up with people who cared, and could help her get healthy again.  Just look at the change in Molly's expression!  

Red Door animal shelter cat and rabbit cuddle

Bill the rabbit and his best friend Noel in that after-big-dinner bliss

Bill the Flemish Giant was another outdoor rescue.  A family had purchased several bunnies to entertain visiting children, then sent the  baby rabbits out into the wild once the children had gone.  Bill is the only survivor.  He has found a best friend in Noel, and they are quite the snugglers.  Noel the cat even tried to steal a bit of hay...it seems she thought it was fun to bat around.

Red Door Animal Shelter has hundreds of stories like these.  Now multiply that by all the shelters.  Think of all the work these folks do...so very many volunteer hours, so many people spending their time to help.  Because helping just one little rabbit changes the world a little bit.  THANK YOU TO ALL THE RESCUERS OUT THERE!

We have a couple of ways that we support rescue efforts.  If your rescue is not signed up for our payback program, send us an email to hoomans@smallpetselect and we'll get it done!  

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