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Rabbit bonding: let’s move in together!

rabbit bonding: let's move in together

No more fights, right?  And you are all caught up with this series? Then you've done great with rabbit bonding: let's move in together!

Call all the friends with trucks, get out the tape. It’s moving day. Start early so you have the day to watch how they are doing together.

Before anyone goes anywhere, it is important to clean like a maniac. The destination pen needs to be scrubbed to get all existing smells gone. That includes bowls, litter boxes, blankies, flooring, everything. White vinegar works well, and be careful not to use any chemicals since the furkids are so sensitive.

Rearrange the area so it looks new – put the litter box and crocks and any furniture in a different spot.

rabbit bonding: let's move in together

The buns start out with a nice long marathon session in their neutral space, where they’ve been having their dates. Encourage lots of exercise, get them tired out a bit. When you are all ready, put BOTH RABBITS into the new space at the same time – simultaneously. Nobody gets in first.

You will need to watch them for any signs of problems. If you see some annoyance, you may want to take them back out to the larger neutral area again for a bit. Just repeat as many times as necessary. You may find it takes a few days before you feel comfortable leaving them in their co-habited home.

Once they seem happy together sharing the pen, leave them there for longer and longer. Eventually, they can spend the whole night together, and share the space while you are at work. Don’t rush it, let them lead the pace.

That first night together you may choose to use a baby monitor, or even camp out beside their pen. Slumber parties are fun for everyone!

What if it just isn't working?  We've got some options.

Many thanks to Edie Sayeg of the Georgia House Rabbit Society for contributing to this series!

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