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Rabbit bonding: first dates

rabbit bonding: first dates

Got yourself in the right frame of mind?  Let's do this!  Time for some dates!

We recommend that you introduce your bunny to at least 2, 3 or 4 different buns and watch the bunny for various signs that they will or will not bond – we call this Bunny Speed Dating!

This is best done at a shelter or rescue, in a nice large area (at least 10x10 feet), with a broom handy and an extra pair of hands and eyes.

Before you begin, please read this entire series of blog posts the whole way through (just follow the links at the beginning and end), and brush up on your rabbit communication skills…it is better to be well prepared and know how to evaluate the situation. You can save yourself and your rabbit a lot of time and maybe even an injury! Make sure you know the signs of a “rabbit tornado” in the making, and other signals of danger. All this is included in the series, just keep reading!

Positive signs we look for during speed dating include binkies from one or both buns, grooming each other (initiated by one or both), and mirroring (when they copy each other’s position and behavior, like flopping or grooming). Flopping or stretching out during a bonding session is a true touchdown toward winning the bonding game – it means bun is relaxed enough to not fear being attacked by the other bun.

Let's get your house prepared for the lucky new bond mate, so that once you find "The One", you'll be ready!

Many thanks to Edie Sayeg of the Georgia House Rabbit Society for contributing to this series!

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