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Play with your food.

Small animals spend a lot of time doing something called foraging.  Foraging means looking for food, searching the meadow, forest floor, and garden for all the things they love to eat.  So eating also means activity – the search is as important as the food they find.


 Photo credit: bunnyproof.com

Anything to eat in here?

So how can we keep them busy and fulfill their instincts to search?

Instead of just putting the hay, herbs, greens, pellets or any other rabbit food in one eating area, make eating a game!  Hide a little bit of food in the tent.  A little tiny bit in the corner beside the tunnel.  A little bunch of food there near the back of the hut.  Some at the far side of the room, behind that stack of magazines.  In the kitchen, just where the sunlight comes in.

Now help your friend go find all these stashes of goodness.  The first few days, you’ll need to encourage and maybe give some hints.  Make sure your beastie does get to all the food, so nobody goes hungry!  After a few days, they’ll catch on to the new way of doing things, and they’ll head right out at food time, ready to play hide-and-seek. Once they are used to this game, you’ll have to make sure they aren’t watching while you hide the food.  It will be like trying to hide Christmas presents with kids in the house.

You can also ask your best friend to earn some of the food, by teaching him his name and then calling him from the far side of the house, or asking for her to hop up next to you, or some other specific task.  We all feel better about ourselves when we do something right, and animals like to feel smart too.

shocked rabbit

So go enjoy an interactive meal time with your friends.  You’ll both have a great time.

Do you need some additional forage and variety? No problem at all – Small Pet Select has got it covered.  Five different mixes, giving you snacks or broad spectrum nutrition or even specific support for particular situations.  And if you know any other little animals who might be a bit bored with their dinner routine, forward this to their human companions!

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Have you got any short movies of your rabbit enjoying a game of find-the-food?  Send them along!  We’d love to see them.

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