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More spot-checks for proper weight – bones and dewlaps


Photo credit: Pinterest

How often do you have your hands on your animal?

Without going to check, can you describe how their bones feel under their skin?  OK, now actually go over there and put your hand right along the spine, where the back legs fit into the hip joints.  Do the bones under the skin feel like you remember? It is easy for excess eight to sneak up on us all.  We are usually so used to having our hands on our animals that we may not notice a little extra paunch or squishy-ness.

The bones under your friend’s skin should feel distinct without feeling sharp.  It should feel like there is a thick towel between the bone and your hand, but not like there is a blanket that has been folded once or twice!

If your friend is a rabbit, don’t forget the dewlap.  Some rabbits have them, some don’t.  If your friend does, then make sure it is only a fold of skin, and doesn’t feel full and solid with fatty deposits (like the one above!).

Need to do a little trimming down?  Keep following!  We’ve got lots more to share with you about weight.

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