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Is your friend a Nervous Nelly?

UnknownZen Tranquility is a great go-to when you have to clip nails, go to the vet, give meds, or in any other stressful situation.  Street work outside the window making your friend nervous?  Introducing a possible mate?  A little added calm is sometimes a big gift.

Small animals have a prey mentality.  Everything new is upsetting and scary.  For little ones who have not been handled much, even having someone approach them or touch them can be a big deal.  Think of it from their perspective: it is a big world for a little animal!

Stress can also interfere with their eating habits, and can cause digestive issues.  We never want to upset digestion!  

Zen Tranquility Herbal Blend encourages the entire nervous system to relax, without extra calories and fat.  We wish you a peaceful day!





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