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How to stop rabbits from chewing


How to stop rabbits from chewing


Today we thought we’d discuss another problem that those who have house rabbits might be familiar with – chewing.  And, although we can’t promise anything, we might even give a tip or two on how to stop rabbits from chewing.


Rabbits chew – period!  They do this because their teeth are constantly growing, and if they don’t chew then their teeth will grow to such an extent that they’ll be unable to eat.  This is known as malocclusion – and if it’s allowed to become severe enough, can ultimately prove fatal!  So, as you can see, chewing is pretty much an essential part of a rabbit’s life.


How to stop rabbits from chewing on things they aren’t supposed to:


If you don’t provide your rabbit with things to chew on, then he’ll happily seek out his own things around the house to munch.  Skirting boards, phone books, furniture – he won’t be fussy.  So, the most simple way to prevent him doing this is to give him what he craves – his (or her) own chew toys.  Wicker baskets (untreated), sea grass mats or special toys that you can purchase in pet stores all work well.


And if your bunny persists in ignoring his ‘toys,’ and continues to sink his molars into things you’d rather he didn’t, then a simple way to prevent this is to put some double sided sticky tape around the offending area.  Rabbits hate getting their whiskers stuck, and this should prove quite a deterrent.


Rabbits also have a tendency to chew on cables.  This is because it’s a natural instinct to chew through plant roots in the wild in order to keep their burrow free from obstructions.  And. to your bunny, a cable is pretty similar to a plant root.  But, as you obviously realize, asides from the fact that you don’t want your electric cables severed, chewing cables also comes with the risk of electrocution, along with a fire hazard.

Photo by {niv’s} photostream and reproduced under attribution licence courtesy of creative commons and Flickr


But don’t worry, because there’s a simple way of stopping this.  And that’s to purchase some hard plastic cable tidies.  Just slip these flexible pieces of tubing over any exposed cables, and your problem is solved.


We hope this post on how to stop rabbits from chewing has been helpful.  Stay tuned, because our next blog will talk about pooping problems – and what you can do to help prevent this.


Thanks for dropping by, and till next time – love those bunnies!

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