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How Timothy Hay For Rabbits Can Help Reduce Sickness

Reduce Sickness in Rabbits with Timothy Hay


Like you’ve probably heard before, Timothy Hay or other grass hay is the most important part of a rabbits diet. It helps their teeth stay trimmed, helps provide the proper nutrition they need, and it helps keep their gut nice and healthy to avoid the chances of them getting GI Stasis. GI Stasis is a very common illness in rabbits. It is known as the “Silent Killer” as your rabbit can be happy and healthy one day and be dead the next. It is a very serious illness but can be avoided or cured with a little knowledge.


What is GI Stasis?


feeding rabbits timothy hay reduce sicknesGI Stasis is the slowdown, or complete stopping of a rabbits GI tract. Most of the time GI Stasis comes from an underlying health problem such as a UTI, dental problems, or infection. But, it can also come from stress or from an improper diet that is low in fibre. That is why Timothy Hay (or other grass hay) is so important! Not only does it provide fibre which is critical in keeping their gut healthy and reducing sickness, it also helps push things along and keep things moving.


There is a lot of information to cover about GI Stasis and it is extremely important to know how to prevent it, how to catch it, and how to treat it. Because we simply can not cover all that information in this one post, here is a video created by 101Rabbits to educate people all about GI Stasis! This topic is very important and WILL save your rabbits life one day.



If you’re interested in learning more about how to reduce sickness and optimize your rabbits health read our page on Timothy Hay for Rabbits

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