Elderbuns and arthritis, pt.1

by Wolf May 17, 2016

shutterstock_403635358The years fly by, right?

We all want the most pain-free, comfortable later years.  So do our rabbits. Our last post talked about what goes on inside your aging rabbit.  Now let’s spend some time talking about one of the big things you will notice from the outside.

Arthritis is the most common external symptom of aging.  How does a rabbit complain about arthritis? If you watch, you can see the same things that happen with dogs, or cats, or people.  We all get stiff and sore and stop doing some things.  You rabbit may shorten his stride, refuse to hop up on furniture or upper levels of huts, and not stretching those hind legs out fully anymore.  Binkying may stop being a full body thing, and just be a slight hop with the front legs.

Litter boxes can become difficult to manage.  There are some do-it-yourself options, as well as some special solutions on the market.  If you choose to do it yourself by altering a litter box you already have, just remember it is super super important to file down the edges of the cut.  There can’t be any rough edges on which your rabbit could hurt himself.  Their skin is so delicate, and at an advanced age, they will have trouble avoiding a problem edge on the box.  

Here are some examples of options.

The already done commercial variety:

Unknown-1 Unknown

The DIY versions:

images images-1

We all appreciate kindness and comfort as we age, and your elderbun will appreciate your extra attention too.

Next up: Elderbuns and arthritis, pt. 2, with more hints and tips to keep your Elderbun comfy.

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