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Clicker training your rabbit: fun tricks and games (3 videos!)

by Wolf June 09, 2016

So now you’ve got the basics of clicker training your rabbit down.  You are your bun are having so much fun, and you have mastered the click and treat thing.  Your rabbit has had the “Aha!” moment, and now comes running for a training session.  Need some ideas of what else you can do together?  Need some fun tricks and games?


Young Sooty Fawn Rabbit standing up



Here are some great videos by Dr. A. G. Bradbury, a rabbit clicker training expert!


Maybe start off with some digging?





Work up to a rabbit obstacle course?





Or “The Rabbit Variety Game”?





You may have already noticed that your friendship with your rabbit is getting deeper and deeper.  Having some directed play time together each day will only deepen that bond, and besides, everyone has fun!  As your rabbit learns more and more cues, the trust between you grows, and your rabbit becomes more confident.  The physical exercise alone is a terrific benefit, and we get the bonus of a busy mind as well. 


Have you started clicker training your rabbit?  Tell us your stories!  Have you found the perfect clicker?  Created a new game?  Figured out a method to get past a sticking point?  We’d love to hear about it, and share it with the community.


Next up: things that are hard for your rabbit to learn.



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