Can rabbits eat walnuts?

by William Gordon June 24, 2016


Can I fee walnuts to my rabbit?


Ahhhhh…walnuts.  A nice snack for us humans.  But can rabbits eat walnuts?


Actually, we really should NOT feed rabbits walnuts.  Rabbits need a diet high in fiber, which comes from high quality hay such as timothy hay.  Walnuts and other nuts and seeds are going to be high in fats, which will cause digestive issues for your rabbit, especially when fed in excess.  Instead of walnuts as a snack, a better alternative may be some fresh veggies or fresh herbs.  Walnuts just really aren’t going to provide any good nutritional value and the only purpose they could serve really is to potentially cause problems or harm to them.


If you’re wondering whether it is safe to feed any other type of food, we have compiled a master list that will help you determine What Do Rabbits Eat.


Till next time, love those bunnies…


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William Gordon
William Gordon