Can rabbits eat parsley?

by William Gordon June 16, 2016


Can bunnies eat parsley?


Knowing what you can feed your pet rabbit is not always easy with so many options and it is understandable there are a lot of questions around the issue.  Many rabbit owners may be wondering, can rabbits eat parsley?


Parsley can be a good snack for rabbits and many of them will like to eat it.  However, that doesn’t mean a lot of parsley should ever be fed to rabbits.  Instead, think of it as a snack to be fed in moderation, you should feed as a supplement to the core of the diet, not as a substitute.  Always remember the core of a rabbits diet should be high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as quality rabbit pellets.  If you can make sure you’re rabbit is getting these on a daily basis and as priority, you’ll do a lot to make sure you have a healthy and happy rabbit.  A sensible amount of fresh veggies such as parsley can be beneficial for adding some variety to the diet, and many rabbit owners do feed the occasional fruit as a treat as well.  Be careful, however, as too much of these fruits and vegetables will likely give your rabbit digestive issues in the short term, and potential healthy issues in the long term.


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William Gordon
William Gordon