Can rabbits eat mint?

by William Gordon June 18, 2016


Can I feed my rabbit mint?


There are many options around the house that a rabbit owner might be pondering.  One question that is quite common is can rabbits eat mint?


The answer to this one is yes, as mint can be a nice healthy snack for your rabbit as long as you don’t go wild and overfeed it.  Fresh mint and other fresh vegetables can do a good job of adding some needed variety in the diet, as well as extra vitamins and minerals.  However, it is always important to remember that mint or any other vegetable for that matter  is not meant to be a substitute for the core of your rabbits diet.  The core of a healthy rabbit diet should be made up of high quality and fresh timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as quality rabbit pellets.  A sensible amount of fresh vegetables and the occasional fruit as a treat can round out the diet nicely, but these things should never be a substitute for the core of the diet.


So, can rabbits eat mint?  Yes but just make sure to makes sure your rabbit is eating plenty of high quality and fresh timothy hay as a priority, and feed the mint in moderation.


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William Gordon
William Gordon