Can rabbits eat meat?

by William Gordon June 18, 2016


Can I feed my rabbit meat?


Rabbits should not be fed meat at any time.  Rabbits in the wild would not be eating meat, as they are herbivorous.  In the wild they would be eating plant matter such as grass, leaves and hay.

If you have a pet rabbit, the most important thing you can do for them is to feed high quality and fresh timothy hay, fresh and clean water, and quality rabbit pellets.  Fresh vegetables fed in sensible amounts as well as the occasional fruit as a treat can round out the diet nicely.  If you do this, you are on your way to a healthy and happy rabbit.  Please stay away from meat as rabbits digestive systems are very specialized and not suitable for meat, and so if ingested (especially in any substantial quantity) your rabbit is likely do have digestive issues in the short term, and potentially more serious health issues in long term.


Hope this was helpful, and it is always a good idea to discuss a good rabbit diet plan with a rabbit savvy veterinarian to set up a good plan for you and your rabbit.

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William Gordon
William Gordon