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Can rabbits eat kiwi?


Can I feed my rabbit kiwi?


Kiwi fruit – absolutely delicious aren’t they?  And rabbits would likely agree.  But can rabbits eat kiwi?

When it comes to the sweet taste of that green, juicy kiwi, we’ve got to remember the reason it is so delicious is because kiwi (along with other fruits) has a great deal of sugar in them.  And while it won’t do any harm to a human, we’ve got to remember that rabbits have a digestive system geared for high fiber and low sugar and fats.


So, while its ok to feed fruits as a treat once in awhile, we need to make sure we’re not over doing it.   Rabbits can eat kiwi, but its important to remember that the most important thing we can do for  our rabbits is to make sure that fresh and clean water, along with fresh high quality timothy hay and quality rabbit pellets are being provided and enjoyed as  priority.  Mix in some veggies fed in moderation and the occasional fruit treat, and you’re on your way to a healthy rabbit.


So, can rabbits eat kiwi?  Yes, rabbits can eat kiwi, but just make sure to feed sparingly.

We hope this helps, and we hope to see you again real soon.


Till next time, love those bunnies!


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