Can rabbits eat hamster food?

by William Gordon June 24, 2016


Can I feed my rabbit hamster food?


Many people have multiple pets.  They may have a rabbit, a cat, a hamster, a pair of guinea pigs, or even a dog or horse!  With all of these pets, it can be tempting to mix foods between animals, and in some cases it might be ok.  But can rabbits eat hamster food?


No, rabbits can’t eat hamster food.  Rabbits need a diet that is particularly high in fiber.  This means high-quality timothy hay, quality rabbit pellets, as well as fresh and clean water changed daily.  In addition, fresh veggies or herbs fed in moderation, and the occasional small piece of fruit can be fed as a treat.  Hamsters don’t follow this plan exactly, so its best not to feed a rabbit hamster food.


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William Gordon
William Gordon