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Can Rabbits Eat Fruit?


CanI feed my rabbit fruit?


Yes, rabbits can eat fruit.  And would you imagine….they’re quite fond of it as well.


Now, while fruits are definitely treats that your rabbits are going to enjoy, you’ve got to beware of those cute pleading eyes when they look at you wanting more….and more………and more…….


Now, before feeding any fruits to your rabbits its best to be aware of few important things:


Although fruit fed on occasion and in moderation is a nice treat that may help you and your bunny bond, many fruits are also high in sugar (not good for rabbits especially when overdone).


Rabbits are highly persuasive animals. Being extremely adorable and loveable gives them the unique ability to persuade humans to do whatever they want them to do, especially when it comes to asking for more goodies from their owners.


The point here is…everything needs to be done in moderation, and you’ve got to maintain your discipline as a good rabbit owner because they’re so tough to say no to.  And on a serious note, remember that the most important thing you can do for a rabbit is to ensure high quality timothy hay and fresh water are available at all times, as well as making sure quality rabbit pellets are on hand.


Hopefully this was helpful.  Thanks for stopping by, and we hope we’ll see you around again real soon.


If you’re wondering whether it is safe to feed any other type of food, we have compiled a master list that will help you determine What Do Bunnies Eat.


Till next time…love those bunnies!




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