Can rabbits eat cilantro?

by William Gordon June 16, 2016


Can I feed my rabbit cilantro?


When it comes to feeding household items to pets, there are a lot of questions and for good reason.  In particular, many rabbit owners may be asking the question, can rabbits eat cilantro?


Well the short and simple answer is yes, rabbits can eat cilantro.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean they should  be fed a ton of it.  Cilantro can be ok if fed in moderation and on occasion, but the main thing a healthy adult rabbit needs is going to be high quality timothy hay.  That, along with fresh and clean water and quality rabbit pellets makes up the core of a rabbits diet.  A sensible amount of fresh veggies and the occasional fruit as a treat can also be  fed to a rabbit, but just make sure these are fed in moderation, they are supplements rather than subsitutes for the core of the diet.


So, can rabbits eat cilantro?  Yes, but if you feed it just make sure to feed in moderation.


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William Gordon
William Gordon