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Can rabbits eat beet greens?


Can bunnies eat beet greens?


So many options to feed our rabbits, which means there are always going to be a lot of questions.  So can rabbits eat beet greens?


Yes, rabbits can eat beet greens.  But if you feed beet greens just make sure they are fed in moderation.  Like many veggies they can be a supplement to the core of the diet, but they should never be a substitute.


The core of your rabbits diet should be made up of high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as high quality rabbit pellets.   Some veggies that are fed in moderation, and the occasional small piece of fruit as a treat is a nice way that many rabbit owners add some variety to round out the diet.


So, can rabbits eat beet greens?  Yup, but just make sure to feed in moderation.


If you’re wondering whether it is safe to feed any other type of food, we have compiled a master list that will help you determine What Do Bunnies Eat.


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