Can rabbits eat arugula?

by William Gordon June 18, 2016


Can you feed rabbits arugula?


With so many different vegetables around the house, it can be difficult knowing which are okay to feed your rabbit and which are not okay.  And one common question is can rabbits eat arugula?

Arugula can provide a healthy  snack for your rabbit when fed in moderation.  Many rabbits will like the taste of arugula and welcome it into their diet, and it will do the job of adding some good variety and some additional vitamins and minerals.  However, keep in mind, as with all vegetables arugula is not meant to be a substitute for the core of the diet, which should be made up of high quality and fresh timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as quality rabbit pellets.  Veggies fed in moderation are a good addition to the diet, but they should be considered a supplement and not a substitute.


So, can rabbits eat arugula?  Yes but just make sure to feed in moderation.


If you’re wondering whether it is safe to feed any other type of food, we have compiled a master list that will help you determine What Do Rabbits Eat.


Till next time, love those rabbits…




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William Gordon
William Gordon