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Can Adult Rabbits Eat Alfalfa Hay?

You may have some confusion on whether or not you should feed your adult rabbit (any rabbit over 6mo is considered an adult) Alfalfa hay. Some people say Alfalfa Hay is strictly for baby or pregnant rabbits, while others say it is fine if adults rabbits eat alfalfa hay. In this post I hope to clear up some of this confusion for you.


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Can Adult Rabbits Eat Alfalfa Hay?


The short answer is, yes adult rabbits can eat Alfalfa hay as a treat. This means they should only have Alfalfa hay in limited quantities and feed a grass hay (like Timothy or Orchard Grass) as their main hay. The reason for this is that Alfalfa hay is very high in fat. If fed exclusively it could lead to obesity. It is also very high in calcium and can cause many rabbits to have urinary or kidney problems. I would never feed Alfalfa hay to rabbits who already suffer from obesity or urinary/kidney problems. Rabbits who suffer from reoccurring urinary tract infections, for example, could develop another infection from the access calcium in the hay.


So it really depends on your individual rabbit. If your rabbit is young and healthy, feeding Alfalfa hay as a treat is perfectly safe.

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